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5 Best Friends Reunion Moments That Made Fans Emotional

5 Best Friends Reunion Moments That Made Fans Emotional

The popular streaming platform, HBO max presently became a medium of happiness after it aired the Friends reunion, one of the most popular sitcoms ever. Fans have been waiting for it for many years as the show was a hit. 10 seasons of the show had made people wish for more. They wanted to see all the cast members together on the screen one more time. The producers and directors of the show made that happen after 17 years with the reunion. The fans expressed how they felt to watch all six main characters of the show coming together on the set and reliving the moments of their past. They revealed their favorite moments of the reunion.

Friends Reunion Turns Out to be Fun For Fans

Seeing the favorite characters coming together on the set of Friends dragged the admirers down memory lane. The show became a success the very moment cast members entered the studio and hugged each other. The fun began when they all started telling stories and talked about their experiences while doing the show. Multiple moments turned out to be emotional for the fans. These 5 scenes filled the spectators’ hearts with emotions as they started missing the show very much.

Seeing All As Old Fellas

The Friends reunion made people realize how quickly time flies. A few years back, everyone was watching the seasons on loop. They hadn’t imagined watching them come on the set in their 50’s as the memories of seeing them young were still fresh. It created a new image of all the members and ignited the emotions among the devotees.

Matt LeBlanc Tells His About his Dislocated Arm

The show’s fans must remember the episode ‘where no one was ready. According to the director of the show, it was supposed to be the easiest one to shoot. But it became a complicated one and took more time to complete the scenes. The reason was Joey’s arm that came out of the socket while he was jumping into the sofa. This was the time when Chandler and Joey were fighting to sit in the chair. The amazing thing about this information is that no one knew about this incident except the cast. Matt LeBlanc told the story himself.

The One Where They Saw Bloopers

For many on social media, it was emotional as well as exciting to see the cast watch their young selves on Tv doing all the fun while shooting. They laughed and shared the memories attached to those moments. It was like they granted their fans’ biggest wish. Such scenes became one of the reasons behind the success of Friend’s reunion.  

Phoebe Singing Smelly Cat

One of the things that kept friends going for 10 years was Lisa Kudrow’s singing silly songs in Central Perk. The smelly cat was the fan’s favorite and It got quite famous over the years. The emotional moment came when she sang it with Lady Gaga, the popular pop singer. It also became a very powerful hooting moment for the audience sitting before her.

The Quiz Trivia

Many who watched Friends Reunion, felt joyous to see the six members sitting in the same apartment and playing the trivia conducted by Ross. At the same moment, they found it quite overwhelming as well because of the recollections of the show. Seeing Richard and hearing his voice while guessing Ross’s question was a fun moment too. 

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