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Moving House in Dubai – What You Should Remember

How to find House Packers and Movers in Dubai? Well, that’s the million dollar question answered. There are other ways by which you could find out more about international moving companies: Online research: All movers, international or local, have an official website which will tell you all the relevant facts about them and their services. Check the website and see what services they offer, whether they’re just house movers or also offering packing and moving boxes. Other than the official websites of movers, you could also check the websites of the various packing companies: List of Packing Companies Dubai, List of International Packing Services UAE, House Movers Emirates, House packers-Thai, etc…

o Networking with people: When you’re looking for international movers in Dubai, you should make some contacts so that you get specific recommendations. It’s quite possible that you’ll run into people who have used the services of a particular company, either before or after they have done business with another. Look for recommendations from family, friends, or colleagues. Check out the websites of the companies to find feedback from past customers. Make sure you are comfortable with all the terms and conditions put forward by the movers, as there might be hidden fees involved. Find out if the movers will handle the packing and loading / unloading of your goods, if there are any insurance cover details that you need to be made aware of, and what the process would be like.

o Internet: Check out the international directories such as the Eavesdroppers’ List and the House Buyer’s Registry to find reputable and reliable house packers and movers in Dubai. These websites will also provide you with contact information for the companies as well as full profiles of their services. This way, you can make initial contact and discuss prices, terms and whether they meet your individual requirements. The websites will also list the various properties that are up for sale in Dubai.

o Moving companies: Once you’ve identified some potential house packers and movers in Dubai, make sure you check out their rates. Dubai residents are used to paying exorbitant sums for international moving services, so try and see if you can negotiate a better deal with them. There are a lot of online companies who will offer you moving packages and may be able to offer cheaper moving rates.

o Insurance: Always make sure that your belongings are adequately insured. Dubai laws prohibit the use of non-emnified or uninsured goods while transporting goods for personal or commercial purposes. There will also be restrictions on the number of days of stay and the type of goods that can be taken. Again, you will need to check with several international movers prior to signing the contract so that you are aware of the different kinds of insurance they have. It is advisable to go for only those house packers and movers in Dubai who are fully insured.

o Reputable agents: A good international house packer and mover in Dubai should be a licensed and registered moving company with the Dubai Department of Commerce and Trade. They should have all the required documents in order to transport your possessions in a safe and timely manner. In addition to that, the agents should be willing to give you any kind of guarantee against the loss or damage of your property. Finally, make sure that you go for a company that has been in this business for a considerable period of time.